Online Meeting

Hey everyone, how are you? This morning I have my online meeting for the book chapter. Today The meeting is in the morning and I am looking forward to it. As I am really excited about the project and I always feel really positive about things after I have spoken to the friend that I... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you This afternoon is going to be all about the drums. And I am looking forward to it. DrumsIt is a drumming afternoon for me today. As I am going to be at a friends place having a lesson and a drum jam. I'm stoked to be seeing my friends and... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday was a good productive day and I am hopeful that day will be to. I am going to be doing some writing and then going to see a friend. YesterdayYesterday I had to go out and get my eyes tested. They are fine and I do not need a... Continue Reading →

So far…

Hey everyone, how are you? So far this morning has been restful, and I have just been playing some PlayStation and catching up on sleep. For the rest of the day I am going to continue to rest and get some reading done. Today As I mentioned in the previous blog, I've had a very... Continue Reading →

Inner War Chapter 1

Hey everyone, how are you? This morning, I finished typing up the first chapter of my new short story, Inner War. I have uploaded it in this blog post. Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. Inner War   Stephen awoke with a slight start, shouting a little as his bulging eyes adjusted to the darkened... Continue Reading →

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