Post treatment

Hey everyone, how are you? Today it will be twenty four hours since I had the fascial manipulation treatment. And I am hoping that the pain of the treatment will have peaked. PainThe problem is that you cannot take anti inflammatory medications for forty eight hours. And sometimes, that is what it needs to calm... Continue Reading →

New week

Hey everyone, how are you? It's one week until I go to Ireland, and I'm really excited. The only problem is that my mental health has decided to act up. TodayToday, I am going to be doing a range of things, okay and some that will be hard. I had a rough weekend with my... Continue Reading →

Out all day

Hey everyone, how are you? I got back from the doctor yesterday and it was all good. He was happy with how I am now, compared to how I was. Yesterday/TodayThe doctor appointment went well and he was pleased with how I was. We discussed what happened and how I am feeling now. It was... Continue Reading →


Very everyone, how are you? Yesterday I ended up not going to STEPPS. I was in too much pain. YesterdayYesterday I was in and am still in a lot of pain. I ended up calling the place where I do my STEPPS course. I didn't feel as though I could go to the course and... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? Today I am going to be resting, now that the finance form is completed and emailed off to the university. TodayToday I just want to chill, as I spent a lot of yesterday finalising the finance form that I had to complete. Now that it is done, I do have... Continue Reading →

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