Writing And Friends

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is going to be a combination of writing and seeing friends. Today I am going to be writing this morning after I have done some drum practice. Before seeing some friends in the afternoon. It should be a good day. Writing wise it will be the third chapter of... Continue Reading →

It’s The Weekend

Hey everyone, how are you? It’s the weekend and it should be a chilled one, even though I have some writing to finish. Writing I want to spend some time writing this weekend and get the third chapter of the short story don. As I know that next week, I have appointments everyday and little... Continue Reading →

Seeing A Friend

Hey everyone, how are you? We are going to see a friend this afternoon and I am really looking forward to it. Friends It has been a while since we last met up. It is because of the coronavirus and other personal things that have been going on, that we have not met up more... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? I should have a drum lesson today and I am looking forward to it. Today I should be meeting a friend over video chat for a drum lesson. I have been practising throughout the week. And although I am still not confident with the beat that I am learning, I... Continue Reading →

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