Chill Day

Hey everyone, how are you? I am having a chill day, after being busy yesterday. Today Today, I am chilling. Not going to any meetings or groups, not even switching the laptop on. I want a day where I just do what I want to do and not what needs to be done. In the... Continue Reading →

No Writing

Hey everyone, how are you? I’m not writing today, as I have other things on throughout the day. Today Today, I am having a self-care day in that I am relaxing for the day. After a hectic couple of days where I have been busy with meetings or appointments or not being well because of... Continue Reading →

Really Good Progress

Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday, I had a meeting about the book chapter and it went really well. Yesterday The meeting was so good, the documents that I had made in preparation were well received. And we have made plans for the following week, things that need to be done and when we are... Continue Reading →

Midway through

Hey everyone, how are you? It is midway through the week and so far the week has been productive. Today Today, is going to be slightly different when compared to previous days. As I am going to be meeting up with a friend for coffee late morning. This means that I will not be gaming... Continue Reading →

A night with friends

Hey everyone, how are you? As this blog goes live at midnight, I am still with friends. FriendsIt has been so good to spend the night with some friends that both mum and I have known for many years. We only see each other a few times a year and it is always so much... Continue Reading →

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