Hey everyone, how are you? I finally managed to write something! With life seriously kicking me in the guts on a daily basis, sitting down to write is a major achievement. It felt good to finally accomplish a proper piece of writing after days of being constantly frustrated. I piece I managed to write was... Continue Reading →

Out and about

Hey everyone, how are you? I will be out and about today as I have appointments throughout the town. I have to get buses everywhere. I can’t wait to get my bike so that I can ride there, save money and get some exercise. I have to see my key worker, then when I get... Continue Reading →

Studying and writing

Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday was spent being busy studying for my genealogy course and starting out with my research of my family history. It has been pretty interesting, I've found a couple of relatives so far, that I knew about. But it's still exciting. There is an old myth in the family about... Continue Reading →

Research and Writing

Hey everyone, how are you? I’m currently researching my family tree on my mum’s dad side. I’m right at the start of my research and am taking an online course on genealogy. So far, the information that I have gathered has been interesting. I’m looking forward to going back through the centuries and finding out... Continue Reading →

Short Story chapter 1

Hey everyone, how are you? As mentioned in the previous days blog I have been using Twitter and Instagram to find out if you would be interested in me putting the short story up online in chapters. The results of this, were a 100% yes from those who voted. So, here is the short story,... Continue Reading →

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