Final day

Hey everyone, how are you? Today was our final full day in Berlin. We went to a Christmas market, and chilled. YesterdayMy friend cycled to our hotel, where we met her and we walked to the market. It was an indoor Christmas market, which was good as it was ranging from time to time and... Continue Reading →

Second day

Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday was the second day in Berlin. Where we took in some more sites and did some shopping. Yesterday Mum and I got the S baun by ourselves to the Brandenburg Gate. Where we did the tourist thing and took photos and looked around. It's the posh area of Berlin... Continue Reading →

First full day…

Hey everyone, how are you? Today was our first full day in Berlin. And although it has been raining it has been a fantastic day. BerlinWe started off the day having a lazy morning. Mum has got me another birthday card as she couldn't bare not giving me one on the actual day. We had... Continue Reading →

In Berlin

Hey everyone, how are you? We have made it to Berlin, and met up with my friend. The journey was really smooth and I didn't have to resort to my meds. Yesterday/TodayYesterday we left before ten am and got to the airport in plenty of time. We browsed the shops after going through security. I... Continue Reading →

Flying today

Hey everyone, how are you? Today I am flying to Germany to spend a few days in Berlin. I'm also going to be seeing a good friend. TodayWe have a flight in the morning so are being picked up early. It is going to be an awesome few days and I have been looking forward... Continue Reading →

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