Back at it

Hey everyone, how are you? Today, I am back at it with the writing, before a busy start to a new week. I spent yesterday recovering from the day out in London. Today Today is about writing. As yesterday I ended up sleeping a lot and recovering from the late night the day before. It... Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesday

Hey everyone, how are you? It's writing Wednesday and I finally have a day where I can sit and do some writing. Writing that is creative and not writing where I get frustrated. Writing Writing is an escape. And one that I have not been able to do lately. This is because of a range... Continue Reading →

Now on Inkitt

Hey everyone, how are you? I downloaded the Inkitt app ages ago. But yesterday, I finally started to use it. InkittInkitt is a writing app where you can share your writing, short stories, novellas etc. I am fairly new to using the app and haven't uploaded my short stories yet. But if you want to... Continue Reading →

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