Hey everyone, how are you? Just a quick blog to let you know that I have been referred to the crisis team. They are coming to see me tomorrow. At the moment, one of the things that I am finding hard is to blog properly. I hope you understand and I really do appreciate all... Continue Reading →

Sleep And Write

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is all about sleeping and writing. Today I have not been sleeping well lately, so, I took a sleeping tablet last night and hopefully as this blog goes live I will be fast asleep. I know that the sleeping tablets that are prescribed to me by my doctor are... Continue Reading →

Crashed Out Asleep

Hey everyone, how are you? After being indecisive yesterday about whether I should write or relax, I just crashed out asleep and the decision was made for me. Yesterday Yesterday, I was so tired, still am as I am not sleeping well at night. Even though I get enough hours I feel as though I... Continue Reading →

Online Meeting

Hey everyone, how are you? This morning I have my online meeting for the book chapter. Today The meeting is in the morning and I am looking forward to it. As I am really excited about the project and I always feel really positive about things after I have spoken to the friend that I... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday I really struggled with focus and motivation because I had not slept the night before. Focus Lately things have been going well with my new writing routine. But yesterday a spanner was thrown into the works as I did not sleep the night before. Making me extremely tired and... Continue Reading →

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