Taking an L

Hey everyone, how are you? Just a quick blog to update you all on something. Facing Failure So as you know I applied for a PhD place at university in London. I thought I had a strong application and good references and a good proposal and so on. However, I receive an email yesterday evening... Continue Reading →

New Week

Hey everyone, how are you? Another week, another to do list of things that I need to get done by the end of the week. Today This week is going to be busy and today is not going to be an exception, as I have a meeting in the morning and need to find some... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? It's over half way through the week and I have not got as much done as I had hoped. Today I wish that I could stay at home today and focus on writing. But I have to go out and see my key worker, then go on to the creative... Continue Reading →

More writing and reading

Hey everyone, how are you? Today, is going to be a day of more writing and more reading. Writing and reading Admittedly, yesterday I did not get as much as I had hoped done. Although I did manage to read a fair bit. I let myself down on the writing front. So, today, I need... Continue Reading →

Time to get…

Hey everyone, how are you? It is time to get serious about my writing. So, I need to get my head down and start writing properly. Writing I have been thinking about it a lot and I need to get out of my student ways of thinking. As much as I loved my student days... Continue Reading →

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