Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday, I had a long hard think about things and decided that I am doing to much. Online course I tried to do more of my online course yesterday when I had a think and realised that doing too much. So, ended up dropping the online course that I am... Continue Reading →

Weekend writing

Hey everyone, how are you? It's the weekend and it will be a writing one as I catch up on the things that I didn't do in the week. TodayToday I will be writing and getting on with some more reading. As I am trying to finish a non-fiction book that I started a couple... Continue Reading →

Off to a good start

Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday, I got off to a good start on my to do list. Getting all the things done where I have to go out. TodayThat means that today I can completely focus on writing and reading. It also means that I can rest when I need to, as I am... Continue Reading →

Writing start of the week

Hey everyone, how are you? It's a new week and the only day where I do not have an appointment. So, the only day where I can get some writing in. Writing I wasn't sure if I was meant to go into the university today, but so far, I have not heard so I'm going... Continue Reading →

A chance of writing?

Hey everyone, how are you? I don't know if I am going to have the chance of writing today. As each time I look at a screen I start to get a headache. Writing Even though today is meant to be a day of rest, I am still going to be getting some writing done.... Continue Reading →

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