Hey everyone, how are you? I have been thinking long and hard, but I have decided that the short story that I started over a year ago (Virtual Reality) is not going to be completed. Short Story The short story has sat unloved and unwritten for a long time now and after thinking about it,... Continue Reading →

Taking an L

Hey everyone, how are you? Just a quick blog to update you all on something. Facing Failure So as you know I applied for a PhD place at university in London. I thought I had a strong application and good references and a good proposal and so on. However, I receive an email yesterday evening... Continue Reading →

Back Blogging

Hey everyone, how are you? I am now back blogging and writing, now that my PhD application and proposal has been written and submitted. Thank you to everyone who bared with me whilst I was going through this process. Writing Now that the PhD application is submitted and in the hands of the judges, I... Continue Reading →

No Blog

Hey everyone, how are you? I will not be blogging until my PhD application is submitted. I have until 5pm BST on Wednesday. Annette

New Week

Hey everyone, how are you? I can’t think about anything until I have got my application finished and submitted. I have until 5pm on Wednesday. Writing I can’t think of anything this week until my application for a PhD place is submitted and done. It’s starting to stress me out just because the deadline is... Continue Reading →

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