Furiously Researching

Hey everyone, how are you? I have an afternoon of meetings, so this morning I need to get some furious research in. Today I know that I have been missing in action on this blog for a day or two. I’ve been dealing with some bureaucratic nonsense and it stress me out to the point... Continue Reading →

New Week Same Problem

Hey everyone, how are you? My anxiety is sky high again, as I deal with other people’s incompetence. AnxietyI’ve mentioned in the last week that I have had to deal with a Government department, send them some evidence and fill in some forms. Well, it looks like that the postal service has managed to lose... Continue Reading →

Pain = Hell

Hey everyone, how are you? It is finally Friday and it has been one hell of a week. That I am glad that it is over, it is not a week that I want to revisit. This WeekI have been in a physical and mental health hell. I have been in severe pain, which is... Continue Reading →

A Hectic Couple Of Days

Steroid injection site Hey everyone, how are you? I have not blogged for a couple of days as things have been very hectic. Catching Up It’s been a couple of days since I last posted on here, as things have been hectic and I have been stressed. At the start of the week I spent... Continue Reading →

Waiting For A Call

Hey everyone, how are you? The doctor is calling me again today, but I am not sure whether it will be in the morning or afternoon. DoctorThe doctor is calling again to check on how things are with my mental health and also to see how my relative is doing. I am pleased to report... Continue Reading →

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