Decided To Rest Instead

Hey everyone, how are you? So, yesterday I was meant to be at the laptop. But after sleeping on it I decided to rest instead. Self-Care On Friday night I crashed out asleep, I don’t think I realise how tired I was until I woke up Saturday morning. It was them that I decided to... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? It’s been another long week and I am looking forward to having a restful weekend. TodayIn all honesty I don’t plan on doing much today or tomorrow. I am just going to rest and take stock of all the events of the week and reflect on them so that next... Continue Reading →

More Positive Outlook

Hey everyone, how are you? As each day has pasted lately, things have been looking better. Mental HealthI’m so glad that the week has passed and that the weekend so far, has been going well. I have been just relaxing and chilling this weekend and it has helped. To relax I have been mostly drumming... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve

Hey everyone, how are you? It’s Christmas Eve and I am spending the day helping to get ready for Christmas Day. Today I am not going to be up to much today, just getting ready for Christmas Day. And there is not much to do as it has mostly all been done. I will be... Continue Reading →

Thank God It’s The Weekend

Hey everyone, how are you? Finally it’s the weekend and I am just thinking about the best way to get through it. WeekendEveryday is hard at the moment but some days are harder than others. And for a long time, I have found that evenings and weekends are the hardest to get through. I’m not... Continue Reading →

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