Time Away

Hey everyone, how are you? From tomorrow I will be spending some time away, so I thought I would blog now, as I may not have much internet when I'm away. Time I have been thinking over the time that I have not been blogging and I know that I still want to write and... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not Blogging Daily

Hey everyone, how are you? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things to blog about and nothing has really grabbed me, so I came to a decision. Blogging I am not going to blog daily for the foreseeable future, as I want to focus on quality over quantity. Also, I don’t want to be... Continue Reading →

Unable To Write Right Now

Hey everyone, how are you? Right now I do not have the ability to do any writing, as my main focus is to look after my relative who is unwell. Priorities Right now writing is not very high on the list of priorities. As my mind is drawn to other things such as my unwell... Continue Reading →

2021 Equals Writing

Hey everyone, how are you? It’s 2021 and time for me to start writing again. Writing It’s been nice to have been able to take the pressure off and take some time out over Christmas and new year. But now 2021 has arrived, I want to get back to the computer and the pen and... Continue Reading →

Chilling Between Meetings

Hey everyone, how are you? I have a couple of meetings today and in between I am just going to chill. Today In theory I have two meetings today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Although I at the time of writing I am not sure if I will attend the morning... Continue Reading →

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