Writing And Art

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is going to be an art and writing kind of day. Today I have more writing that I need to get on with today. But will be taking an hour out to go to the art group in the afternoon. I am looking forward to going to the art... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? I am loving the progress of the book chapter, it is coming along very nicely. Writing I had a meeting yesterday with my co author and we still ahead of schedule with the book chapter. We are each writing our own sections and then going to knit it all together... Continue Reading →

A Different Wednesday

Hey everyone, how are you? It is going to be a different Wednesday to the ones that I am use to. Today I have got into a routine on a Wednesday where I wake up and have a meeting in the morning around 10am and then get on with some more writing. But today, I... Continue Reading →

New Week Of Writing

Hey everyone, how are you? It’s going to be a week of writing as I up the pace and get more done. Writing I am inspired by the weekends events of the online Glastonwick festival. A festival that always encourages me to write more and get myself out there. These first couple of days of... Continue Reading →

Virtual Frstival

Hey everyone, how are you? This weekend, it was meant to be the Glastonwick festival. But because of the covid19 pandemic it was cancelled. Festival So, rather than have no festival at all, we had an online festival over the internet and Facebook. It was very good and I had some cider delivered from a... Continue Reading →

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