New Week Same Problem

Hey everyone, how are you? My anxiety is sky high again, as I deal with other people’s incompetence. AnxietyI’ve mentioned in the last week that I have had to deal with a Government department, send them some evidence and fill in some forms. Well, it looks like that the postal service has managed to lose... Continue Reading →

Easter Monday

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is a bank holiday and the start of a new week. And because it is a bank holiday here, I do not have much planned for the day and am just going to chill. Normal service will resume on Tuesday. Annette

Decided To Rest Instead

Hey everyone, how are you? So, yesterday I was meant to be at the laptop. But after sleeping on it I decided to rest instead. Self-Care On Friday night I crashed out asleep, I don’t think I realise how tired I was until I woke up Saturday morning. It was them that I decided to... Continue Reading →

Mostly home

Hey everyone, how are you? Today, I am back home after being out for most of the day yesterday. TodayI am splitting the day into two areas, the first being the gaming time and the second being the art time. As I want to use the morning to relax and get in some self-care. And... Continue Reading →

Rest day

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is going to be a rest day, as yesterday was quite stressful and full on. That I want to give myself sometime to chill. TodayThis does mean that it is unlikely that I am going to be writing today. Which will mean I have a busy weekend but that... Continue Reading →

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