On A Roll

Hey everyone, how are you? I am on a roll with my writing and it is hopefully going to continue. Writing I have been doing my seven hundred and fifty words for ten days in a row and I can see an improvement in my writing. I think it is because I am able to... Continue Reading →

I Really Need To…

Hey everyone, how are you? ...write a blog! Blogging I have been thinking a lot lately about the blogging that I do and the relevant consistency that I had been blogging at. And how lately things have dropped off because I have been taking more care of myself and not pushing things like blogging above... Continue Reading →

New Week

Hey everyone, how are you? It’s a new week at the start of midnight and to be frank I am done with this week before it even started. Today Essentially, I am not in the mood for anything. I’ve been feeling like this since yesterday and I can’t pin point a reason as to why... Continue Reading →

Unable To Write Right Now

Hey everyone, how are you? Right now I do not have the ability to do any writing, as my main focus is to look after my relative who is unwell. Priorities Right now writing is not very high on the list of priorities. As my mind is drawn to other things such as my unwell... Continue Reading →

Mind Blank

Hey everyone, how are you? I have been trying to write the next chapter of the short story, but my mind just goes blank. Writing When I say that my mind goes blank, I mean that I stare at the page and it is as though I have forgotten how to write. I think with... Continue Reading →

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