More of the same

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is another rest day, as I had a busy week. So, it is going to be more of the same again today. TodayToday, I am going to be at home, I do not have to go out anywhere. Nor do I want to, as I was out everyday this... Continue Reading →

No writing today

Hey everyone, how are you? I am resting today and am out this afternoon. Which means that there will be no writing today. TodayI got a lot done yesterday, so, this morning I have been resting and getting on with other things that need to be done. So, I have not been able to write... Continue Reading →

Morning chilling

Hey everyone, how are you? This morning I am very tired, even though I slept last night. So, this morning I have just been chilling. Chilling I have been chilling watching a stream on twitch. It was a cool stream, a lot of laughs, and the game was "The Division 2." It looks like a... Continue Reading →

Aims for the week

Hey everyone, how are you? I have various things that I want and need to get done this week. So I am writing them down here as sort of an online 'to do' list. Aims I will also be writing these down by hand, but I thought, if I put it on here it might... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? I am exhausted from pain and exhausted from lack of writing. It is so frustrating to be in so much pain, that I can't sit down and write. I have been able to manage some other things that needed to be done, but they are not writing related. What I... Continue Reading →

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