Ended up reading

 Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday, I ended up reading for a good chunk of the day. As I had a headache that stopped me from looking at screens. YesterdayI spent a lot of time reading yesterday as I had a mega headache that took ages to settle down. It had started the night... Continue Reading →

New week

Hey everyone, how are you? I've got a busy week in that, I have things on each day. But I will still be making time for writing. This weekThis week I have a lot of writing that I want to get on with. Some of it fiction and some of it non-fiction. The fiction writing... Continue Reading →

Managed to write

Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday I managed to write, even though I still had a massive headache. And today, I'm going to be writing some more before giving another talk. HeadacheThe headache that I have had since the weekend has really tried to stop me from getting things done. But I have been stubborn... Continue Reading →

Writing weekend plus…

Hey everyone, how are you? After a relaxing day yesterday, where I ended up, by chance, sleeping. I am ready for a writing weekend. Writing I know I was meant to write yesterday, but I was so tired from the busy week, that I ended up sleeping for most of the day. I want to... Continue Reading →

Squeezing in some writing

Hey everyone, how are you? Today, I am going to try and squeeze in some writing. It will be before I have to go out to an appointment in the afternoon. Writing I have not done any writing over the past two days. As I have had appointments and events that I have had to... Continue Reading →

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