I Really Need To…

Hey everyone, how are you? ...write a blog! Blogging I have been thinking a lot lately about the blogging that I do and the relevant consistency that I had been blogging at. And how lately things have dropped off because I have been taking more care of myself and not pushing things like blogging above... Continue Reading →

750 words

Hey everyone, how are you?The other day I was told about a really cool website to do with writing, I tried it out yesterday and it was a lot of fun. 750 The idea behind the website is to write 750 words every day. It does not have to be in a blog or as... Continue Reading →

Back Blogging

Hey everyone, how are you? I am now back blogging and writing, now that my PhD application and proposal has been written and submitted. Thank you to everyone who bared with me whilst I was going through this process. Writing Now that the PhD application is submitted and in the hands of the judges, I... Continue Reading →

Back At The Desk

Hey everyone, how are you? I’m going to be glued to the laptop as I have meetings and writing that I need to get done. Today It’s going to be an early start as I have much to do before my meetings start late morning and in the early afternoon. Before the first meeting, I... Continue Reading →

Meeting And Writing

Hey everyone, how are you? It’s finally Friday and I have one meeting left and some writing to finish the week off. Today The meeting, I cannot say much about as a lot of it is confidential. But the meetings are most days of the week and they are only for an hour. I have... Continue Reading →

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