New Week

Hey everyone, how are you?

This week is going to be busy, but I like that as it stops me from having to think.


Today, is going to be a busy day and I’m essentially hitting the ground running. As I have two meetings this morning back to back. One of them is going to be rather hard to get through I fear. As the end of last week and the weekend were hard to get through and I had to get some extra support at times. And I know that in one of the meetings we are going to have to talk about it and I know that it is going to be hard to do. After the meetings I have to go out and pick up my medication. I meant to do it last week but put it off. And I now must get them picked up as I am running out. I also need to take a trip to the next town as I need to pick up my cats medication as well.

So, it is going to be a busy day running errands and that’s fine with me. When I am back from meetings and running errands I am just going to try and use my distractions to help me get through the day. I know that going out and the meetings is going to tire me out, so I may end up sleeping for a while. As I am still getting very tired during the day. I have booked a blood test but the earliest appointment is not for a few weeks yet. But also, the personal stuff I have been through this year will add to the stress and the tiredness that I have been feeling. So, I need to just allow myself to relax. One of thr things that I want to do is to read some more. I managed to read a chapter whilst I was away over the weekend but I want to get the book finished soon.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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