Hey everyone, how are you?

Things are very up and down currently, which is to be expected, but it is tiring.


There is not much that I am going to do today, except to keep myself distracted. So that, I do not have to think about anything. Yesterday I watched the rugby and wrapped Christmas presents until there was none left for me to wrap. I am going to do the same today, in that, I am going to watch more rugby. Otherwise, I am jus going to chill as my mind is still not in a place to process much. There is writing that I need to do and want to do but I am going to wait until next week to look at that. As I want to make sure that I am in a good enough place as possible for Monday, as it is my birthday that day.

I am also going to read some more of a book, even though my concentration is not much I am able to read a few chapters a day. Eventually I will get it finished. And I have a short book lined up to read next so that I can hit my good reads target for the year. I may also get in some drum practice as well. I have done the allotted amount of time for my drum practice for the week as dictated by the physios. But I want to get some more time on the kit so I will add an extra practice session today. During the week I have been using the practice pad which I find is harder on my wrists. So getting on the kit will be kinder to them.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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