Keep getting distracted

Hey everyone, how are you?

I keep getting distracted from doing the writing that I am meant to do. It is becoming an annoyance.


Im meant to be writing a short story, but I keep allowing myself to become distracted. Yesterday afternoon I was tired and I did need to have a short sleep after seeing friends. But afterwards, I just couldn’t get into gear and start writing. I was being distracted by everything, by; television, social media, music, etc… And I don’t know why I am being distracted so much. The only thing that I can think of is that I am worried about the piece of writing that I am doing. I don’t know why I should be worried there is nothing bad that is going to happen if I do not get it done. I guess I just don’t want to let down my followers.

Today is the last day of the week and if the short story doesn’t make any progress then it is going to be shelved. I want to give it a fighting chance, so, I need not to get distracted. I have nothing else that is going to happen today. I don’t need to go out or anything. So, I have no excuse but to write. I think the thing that I need to do is lock myself in my room and not put on any electronics. And just sit at my desk and write by hand. Rather than check Facebook or emails or anything.

There are some other things that I want to get done today. They are not things that have to be done. But it would be good to at least start them, so that, it gives me less to do on Monday. I need to start the homework for my course, as it is on Tuesday and start back with some drum practice. Both of these things are going to spill over into Monday but that’s fine. I also want to get in some more reading as I am really enjoying the book that I am reading at the moment.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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