Hey everyone, how are you?

We got back from London late last night and I have not slept well. So, I am mega tired, but it was an awesome evening.


We went to London yesterday afternoon, for the Bletchley experience. Where we had to crack codes and play with the enigma machine in order to gain cocktails. It was an awesome evening. We managed to crack all three codes and got a bonus round of shots for getting the crossword right. It was so much fun. The time passed really quickly and we had such a laugh. There was four of us and that was the perfect number for it. Afterwards, three of us went for a meal before heading back to the station. We got back around eleven pm.

I went straight to bed, but although I fell asleep straight away I woke a couple hours later. I was awake for a while, just scrolling through Instagram. Thankfully yesterday, my anxiety kept itself at bay and I did not have to take my medication. I eventually fell back asleep but was woken again to feed my cat. So, today, I am really tired, as once again I walked miles and I know that today my knee is going to be painful because of it. Today, I want to get some things done but also, want to have a restful day.

Today, I am meant to be going to the art group at the recovery centre, but I am not sure. This is because I am so tired and want to just rest and not have to go out anywhere. I will see how I feel in the afternoon and I will have hopefully woken up some more. Otherwise, I want to get on with some more reading and writing throughout the day. I want to finish one of the books that I am reading “The Stress Solution” as I am three quarters of the way through. I also want to want to get on with some writing of the novel. I have been struggling with it, but I am determined to get it done.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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