New Week

Hey everyone, how are you?

A new week and one that I hope is a lot better than last week.


I have, what feels like, so much to do today. Mostly follow ups from the end of last week when the people I was trying to get hold of were not around. I need to speak to a couple of people and get a letter written about the car crash that I was in last year. I also need to get a form in to get a physio appointment. Thankfully I can do it online and not have to speak to anyone on the phone, as that can sometimes be more hassle than it’s worth. I also have a meeting that I need to go to and although it will be only an hour. Then I will have the rest of the day to write.

I don’t know how much fiction writing I will be able to get done today. As I have other matters that I have to attend to. Such as, the letter and some phone calls. But if I do get round to writing fiction, then it will be on the short story. As I need to get the final two chapters written. I have made a start I just need to get back into the groove of writing it. I do miss writing fiction and wish that I had written more of it last year. But I had the book chapter to focus on and then there was stuff to deal with, like my mental and physical health. I will write more this year, even though I did not get off to a flying start during the first month of the year.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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