Waiting For A Call

Hey everyone, how are you?

The doctor is calling me again today, but I am not sure whether it will be in the morning or afternoon.


The doctor is calling again to check on how things are with my mental health and also to see how my relative is doing. I am pleased to report that things have continued to improve and although tired, my mental health has improved since the start of the week. I know that going into The Haven was the correct thing to do and that being able to rest, think and talk about it with people who are removed from the situation and able to add a different perspective helped me a lot. Since being in The Haven, my sleep has continued to improve and long may it continue. I am hoping that with my mental health more stable, I can start to focus on other things again. It is something that I will discuss with my doctor today.

Yesterday was busy and I was tired by the middle of the afternoon. I managed to go out and get my medication and get some things for my relative. I also did a couple of things around the house. So today, I am going to relax a little. There is not a lot that I can do, as although I am scheduled for a morning appointment with my doctor, he may choose to call in the afternoon. It will depend on how busy he is. I have plenty to do at home with a new project I am starting. But I may just chill and play some PlayStation. As well as start a new book to read. I know that especially at the moment self-care is important. As I want to make sure that I am able to look after my relative to the best of my ability. And I cannot do that if I am exhausted and stressed out.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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