Hey everyone, how are you?

It looks as though I’m coming down with flu (not the first time this year). I have flu symptoms rather than those of a standard cold. Last time I ended up pneumonia and in hospital for 24 hours on nebulisers and oxygen. So I’m a little concerned and having to check my peak flow because of my asthma regularly.


Happy Easter! Hope everyone is having a nice day. For me Easter is at home with my mum. I do not aim to get any writing done, but will be back to the grind on Monday. I plan on getting the final chapter of my short story “Missing Suspect.”

I’m also going to be getting some more poetry done and catching up on my forensic psychology course. It has been interesting so far and with my background in law I can see both the legal and psychology side.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you are having a good weekend.


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