One Handed Drumming

Hey everyone, how are you?

With my hand and wrist still in a splint, I am having to adapt to how I do some things.

Drumming And Writing

One of the things that I cannot do for more than a minute is drum. I tried yesterday, on a practice pad and it was the most frustrating practice I have ever had. I would loose grip of the stick in my right hand and pain would shoot through it. Making drumming impossible. So I reached out to the drumming community that I am apart of and one of them for in contact with me over social media. It is possible to drum one handed, which is something I knew, I just didn’t know where to start. And I was told to just relax and do some simple beats on the kit. As well as some simple fills and bring in the foot patterns more. So, I went onto the drum kit straight away and it worked. It was so good to have a proper practice. And not get frustrated and annoyed that I can’t play. I am very grateful to be part of an amazing community.

As well as drumming, writing is harder to do at the moment. Although I can write it does hurt a bit, although not as much as drumming did. I will be writing today, as there are some things that I need to do and get ready for the week ahead. I also want to get some more of the current short story chapter written. But it will depend on how much of the other things I get done as well. I also have a zoom meeting in the afternoon. As far as I know it is still going ahead. That being said, I don’t want to spend the entire day in front of the computer screen. Another way in which my writing is being impacted is in the writing of this blog. Typing as well as writing by hand is effected because my wrist and hand is in a splint. It makes me make more mistakes and the typing taking longer.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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