I Really Need To…

Hey everyone, how are you?

…write a blog!


I have been thinking a lot lately about the blogging that I do and the relevant consistency that I had been blogging at. And how lately things have dropped off because I have been taking more care of myself and not pushing things like blogging above my own self worth and self care. And I’ve noticed that doing this has not really change the amount of traffic that goes to this website. However, what I have noticed is that I think I need to focus more on the quality of the blog rather than the quantity. I remember back in the day when I started blogging, that I would blog twice day for a long time actually. And then went down to once a day and now it is when I want to and when I feel as though I have something to say.

Lately I have been writing a lot and after looking at a computer screen all day the last thing I want to do is look at my phone and write a blog. that does not mean that I am going to stop blowing that is not what I’m saying at all. I am just saying that there are times when I need some down time and some time away from the screen. One the things I do is that I live in the dark with my headphones in and listen to music just not looking at anything else. I do really appreciate the support I get on this blog and on my other mental health blog it does mean a lot to me and I’m thankful for all the followers that I have. I appreciate that I am just a nobody from a small little town outside of the city in the UK and that people want to read what I have to say.

With all that being said, I do need some downtime from time to time. And that is why blogging has not been a consistent thing for me to do lately. And I hope you appreciate where I’m coming from on this. I am though still going to blog and talk about my writing. And today I am going to sit and write more of the novel. I am really excited to be doing this and I did have a little go at writing more of the novel yesterday. I have another idea going around in my head, it is taking up a lot of space in my head and I feel so I need to write it down to get it out of my head and onto paper so it frees up space for me to think about the novel. It’s not a story that I’m going to publish or put on the website it is simply an exercise for me to get back into writing fiction. As you may know from previous blogs I have been writing a lot of non-fiction lately and that is continuing with new projects coming up all the time.

But I’m really excited to be writing again and especially fiction I really like to write fiction. And this novel idea I have had since the last decade at least. It has been maturing over the years and I did start it years ago but I have scrapped what I initially wrote and I’m in the process of re-writing it. I can see how my writing has changed and grown over the years since I started the novel. And that has been something Fed back to me by a reader who is also a really good friend, so I can go to for advice on many matters. So even though the blogs aren’t as consistent as they used to be there is still a lot of stuff happening under the surface. And once again thank you for the support and the followers I really appreciate you all.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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